Amostyle by Triumph
Experience design for a new contemporary, interactive store: Amostyle, where new and loyal millennial customers can discover, explore and share their style.

How can we elevate brand perception in the minds of millennial Asian consumers? And how can we encourage extended trial in the changing rooms, cross-category shopping and prompt sharing of her experience online?

Inspired by aspirational NYC lofts, we created a welcoming and contemporary store concept, the ‘Lifestyle Studio’,where Amostyle’s millenial consumer can discover, explore and share her style.  


The ‘Lifestyle Studio’ is an interactive, playful and welcoming experience, and a hub for self-expression for both new and loyal customers.

The new zoning and touchpoint approach guides customers on a journey to discover, explore and share their style.

The new ‘Living Lookbook Table’ showcases curated looks, shoppable lifestyle products and inspiring brand content, encouraging self-led experimentation, sharable Insta-moments and impulse buys.

The changing rooms, a universal painpoint in customers’ journeys, are radically upgraded into a luxurious ‘home from home’, complete with customisable lighting, adjustable mirrors, assistance button, inspiring imagery, kimono and ‘shelfie’. 


︎ Customer and market research
︎ Customer experience concept
︎ Customer journey mapping and zoning
︎ Touchpoints and zoning concept
︎ Signage, storytelling and content concept and design

The new store concept has been rolled out across Japan, and has shown a significant increase in sales and social media interaction. The new store is the physical representation of the repositioning and rebranding of the brand within the sector.
Press Mentions
︎ GDO weekly

Made as part of a team at FutureBrandUXUS