Nike Running x TikTok
Social media activation to celebrate the Pegasus shoe and extend the global ‘The World Runs in Pegasus’ concept for a younger, European audience.

To celebrate 40 years of the Pegasus Nike running shoe, how can we extend the global ‘The World Runs in Pegasus’ to engage a more youthful audience in Europe?

We collaborated with London-based agency Ultra to help us tackle the brief.

The research showed there are a wide range of motivations, modes and types of runners: from running for mindfulness to training for a 5km race, from jogging with friends to moving your body to a beat, from people that run every week but don’t call themselves ‘runners’ to those addicted to the ‘runners high’, and everything in between. 

We created ‘Pegsonality’ - a TikTok quiz and campaign inspired by the diverse runners wearing Pegasus. It encouraged our audience to find and embrace their running personas...

- Elite Runner: Pavement Pounding Pro
- Wellness Runner: Inner Peace Pacer
- Fitness Influencer: Flexin’ Fitness Strider
- Social Runner: Squad Goals Speedster

...and many more!

Illustrator Jade Bern created retro-inspired characters to bring the various personas to life. Users were then encouraged to complete the TikTok quiz and share their ‘Pegsonality’ using the custom Nike stickers and illustrations, promoting running, no matter why, how and when you run. 


︎Art Direction and development of concept
︎ Over 2000 creators participated in the Pegasus Quiz, leading to over 116m video views
︎ The average watch time increased to 5,96 per video, doubling the viewing benchmark of 2.5-3 seconds
In collaboration with the team at Ultra and the internal team at Nike: Jonny Seary, Sara Kujundzic and Julia Albers
Production Eliot Chassagne
Illustration Jade Bern