Experience design for the new European Crystal Studio store concept that places the customer at the centre of the experience: encouraging trial, creativity and social interaction.

How do we reconnect today’s and tomorrow’s customers with Swarovski‘s powerful DNA and illuminating, innovative products to fuel the brand’s future legacy?
Infused with the Swarovski DNA of craftsmanship, innovation and the magic of light, the Crystal Studio places the customer and their unique needs at the heart of the experience, encouraging their trial, creativity, and spontaneity.

The Crystal Studio breaks static jewelry retail standards by offering a highly interactive and social experience.

First, it captures the customer’s imagination, then it reveals the symbology and meaning behind the products and, finally, reaches its pinnacle at the iconic Swarovski Sparkle Bar where every customer can create and style their unique sparkle.

︎ Customer and market research
︎ Customer experience concept
︎ Customer journey mapping and zoning
︎ Touchpoints and zoning concept
︎ Signage, storytelling and content concept and design
︎ Workshops and concept presentations
Press Mentions
︎︎︎ L’Officiel
︎︎︎ Luxury Retail
︎︎︎ The Industry Fashion
︎︎︎ Retail Touchpoints
︎︎︎ Insider
Architecture and design Patricia Urquiola Studio
Digital experience design Dan Atkinson at Hugo&Cat
Made as part of a team at UXUS