Calvin Klein Store Experience 
Experience design and mapping, communication strategy and design, sensorial branding strategy, customer service strategy and rituals, staff uniform guidelines and consumables design for the new European Calvin Klein store concept. 

How can we enhance the European store design concept to put storytelling, service and community at the heart of the new retail experience to establish CK’s authority in jeans, underwear and sportswear categories?  
We created an emotive and immersive experience that provokes expression, discovery and connection to evolve the consumer journey from a linear path to a perpetual cycle of interaction with the brand. 


The new CK experience is collaborative and inclusive, encouraging consumers to come as they are and connect with the CK brand, product, staff and community across all engagement channels in-store, positioning CK as a platform for connection, expression and interaction.

It is enriched with emotive omnichannel storytelling and curated services, inspiring product discovery and trial, a deeper understanding of the brand heritage and DNA and positioning CK as an authority in the jeans, underwear and sportswear categories.

Touchpoint experiences include:
- Jeans fit guide, RFID podium, inclusive sizing and jeans expert services in the jeans area
- Bra, panties and boxer short guides, inclusive sizing and bra fitting services at the underwear area
- Light, sound and scent enhancement and expert services in the changing rooms
- Click and collect and express payment at the checkout
As well as service rituals across the store for greeting, RFID podium, jeans fitting, bra fitting, checkout and goodbye.

Sensorial branding pushes the experience beyond the merely visual and plans the interactions, contrasts and synergies between touch, sight, sound and smell. By designing and mapping the synaesthetic experience, we created a truly immersive, multisensory and emotive experience that not only transforms but enhances a visitor’s perception of the space, products, staff and brand.


︎ Customer experience concept
︎ Customer journey mapping and zoning
︎ Communication and storytelling strategy and design
︎︎︎ Sensorial branding strategy
︎︎︎ Service experience strategy and rituals
︎︎︎ Staff uniform strategy
In collaboration with the Calvin Klein in-house design team, lead by Director Corey Combrinck
Lighting Nulty Lighting 
Music curation Massive Music
Scent Heath Broussard 

Photos courtsey of TDM Space and Culted